Ecstatic Dung (1991 Unreleased)

by Enrico Mantini



so happy to have found another piece of unreleased Dream House in my archive !
I remember this has always been one of my conflictual tracks for a long time…
a part of me completely hated it because of the invading piano riff but, I must recognise that I kept on singing it over the years ! and still today sometimes…
it’s some kind of love / hate relationship and title tells it all.
I think I could have arranged it in a different way but, those were the shiny years of Italo House and I’m proud today of having been part of it, even with those ‘cheesy’ pianos, as someone recently defined them :)
thought this track went lost…
and fortunately I can now release it, completely remastered, here on my Bandcamp.
so happy of it today.


released October 3, 2018
Written, produced and arranged by Enrico Mantini.
1991 SIAE Copyright Control.
Mastered in 2018 at DDA Mastering.


all rights reserved


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