Awakenings From The Deep - DPH1

by Deep Choice

"remember what I told you when you started ? the guys who last in this business are the guys who flight straight, low key, quiet... but the guys who want it all... chicas, champaign, flashes, they don't last !" had fun discovering how this short conversation (taken from the Scarface movie) perfectly represents House Music rules ! other than gangsters rules of course... :)


This has been my Deep Choice alias 'return' from the nineties.
Glad to see plastics on Discogs still have a decent interest.


released December 3, 2014

All tracks are written and produced by Enrico Mantini.
2014 SIAE Copyright Control.
Recorded and mixed at Down Da Mountains Studio (IT).
Mastered by Mathieu Berthet at MB Mastering (FR).
Released in 2014 by 320Kb Music - Bologna (IT).
Dedicated to all my true friends, supporters and most generally to the guys who like music with some soul. Fuck the trends buddies and always keep your spirit deep !!


all rights reserved


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